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Have you been Naughty or Nice?

It has now turned into a tradition that Stuff club makes some sort of christmas project. Last year we made Formula wonderland a snowy scalextric fairy land. This year, we built a giant "Santa lap" that you sit in and you get told whether you've been Naughty or Nice. The whole thing gets recorded and posted naughtyornice.tumblr.com.

naughty or nice collage

Other makers involved were Gavin and Jason Fox, Badger, Martin Rose and Tracy Tsang.

Badger on Santas lap

Photo by katie's flickr

Virgin racing F1 Site Launched

This week Poke launched virginracing.com, which is a beginning of the online experience for the new Virgin formula 1 team.

Richard Branson Viginracing

Timo Glock

Virgin Partner

We're in the december 2009 issue of Wired UK!

Bakertweet was featured in Wired's guide to the UK Twitterati

WiredUK Twitterati

Having been one of my favorite magazines for a long time, it's so much fun to be in it! Here's the whole Twitterati line up.

Make your own tracks with The Sound of Orange Rockcorps

During the past couple of months I've been working on this Poke project for Orange. It's an amazing feat of web technology where you can record your own sounds and have them mashed up with your friends into songs.

We built this project using a Django backend, Sox, lame, ffmpeg and aubio for audio processing, amqp-js for realtime communication between flash and the server, red5 and an IVR system for note recording and lots of glue in the form of RabbitMQ.

For the song playback we use Standingwave, an open source AS3 library for sequencing and synthesising sounds.

Be sure to check out the auto tuner and phone recording, it's special. =)

Here's my incredibly silly attempt on Ting tings - That's not my name:

This is the original

I dare you to go make a better one! The Sound of Orange Rockcorps

Webby awards and a Golden Cube!

This has been a great week! Not only was monday a bank holiday, but we managed to win 3 awards aswell! Balloonacy got the Telecommunications awards (it sounds so 90s) and we also won a Art Directors Club's Golden Cube!

Golden Cube and Webby

Lonely Planet which is another Poke project, also got a webby in the travel category.

I'm a happy bee.

Fresh tweets straight out of the oven

Yesterday we installed Bakertweet at Albion right across the road from work.

It's a little Twitter box hanging off the wall telling followers when fresh bread is coming out of the oven!

bakertweet demo

@aszolty did a great job with the arduino that talks to our bakertweet website, that in turn syncs the freshly baked croissants to twitter.


If you like your buns hot, and are stationed around Shoreditch, go to Twitter and follow @albionsoven.

The Christmas Zoetrope

We've done this little Flash zoetrope for a Topshop Christmas campaign site.

Topshop Christmas Fairy Tale

It's really quite interesting the way we got the whole thing to work. As you know, a zoetrope works by getting it to spin at the right speed for a strob light to hit each 'frame' at the exact same place. This makes it look like it's animated (same idea as a film projector). We achieved the same effect in Flash by having the movie skip a certain number of frames as it speeds up. I don't know if that makes any sense really it's hard to explain. Go and have a look at the final thing here: Topshop Christmas Fairy tale.

Nice work on the movie by Jason and illustrations and flash work by Nicky, Vasco and Caroline.

Phidget widget, and the ph stands for.. fun?

Today I got my Phidgets from Active Robots. It's a set of sensors and output devices connected to an interface board which plugs into the USB of your computer.

phidgets LCD twitter

Basically it's my first baby step towards building my own light switches, art installations, cars, robots, space rockets etc. This evening I built this very simple Twitter to LCD thingy, and it's actually surprisingly easy to get going. And dead fun. ;)

I hate the expression but: watch this space.