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Square lets you charge credit cards with your iPhone

Square is a new company founded by Jack Dorsey. Their product is a small card reader that mounts onto your iPhones headphone jack and together with the accompanying app it let's you charge credit cards with your mobile handset.

Square credit card reader

Along with services like Zopa, Obopay, M-Pesa and Mint Square is a nice addition to the type of services we need to kick some new life into the stuffy world of banking.

They've done a nice video to show off the product, please take a look.

Square website

Get things done with Siri

Siri is what its founders call a "do engine" as opposed to a search engine. It's a very nifty phone app that lets you speak commands like "get me a table for 2 at a french restaurant that serves scollops tomorrow at eight." and Siri will do just that in a matter of seconds.

Skip till 22.40 for a demo.

This is a great way of using exiting APIs out in the wild and mash them up to do something truly usable for its users.

Is Steve Jobs getting inspiration from 80's films?

As I was watching the good old Back to the Future II last night, I thought I saw something familiar. This time it wasn't the hover board or the Nike shoes  that caught  my attention. It was Doc's iPhone à la 2015.

future iphone

So maybe in following revisions of the phone, we can expect a new camera with face recognition, distance meter and positioning system. ;-)

future iphone face rec