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The evolution of clean cleaning graffiti

From the closet artists..

Clean graffiti

car window reverse

clean window car back

..through to the activists and guerillas..

no runway

Washvertising Chicago

Free hand-free

..and the hard boiled and serious..

Tunnel skull reverse clean graffiti

Clean tree reverse wash road graffiti

..to the utterly ridiculous, Cleaning Unit:

2 million TV's are located in US bathrooms

Some really interesting facts in this video by XPLANE and The Economist

  • 95% of all music downloads last year was unpaid for.
  • Youtube, MySpace and Facebook takes 250 million unique visitors per month.
  • Nokia makes 13 cell phones per second.

Here's the sources for all facts in the video

Amazon recommends switching from EC2 to Google App engine

Having used the Amazon web services hosting stack for a while, this email felt quite ambiguous.

Amazon email 1