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Make your own tracks with The Sound of Orange Rockcorps

During the past couple of months I've been working on this Poke project for Orange. It's an amazing feat of web technology where you can record your own sounds and have them mashed up with your friends into songs.

We built this project using a Django backend, Sox, lame, ffmpeg and aubio for audio processing, amqp-js for realtime communication between flash and the server, red5 and an IVR system for note recording and lots of glue in the form of RabbitMQ.

For the song playback we use Standingwave, an open source AS3 library for sequencing and synthesising sounds.

Be sure to check out the auto tuner and phone recording, it's special. =)

Here's my incredibly silly attempt on Ting tings - That's not my name:

This is the original

I dare you to go make a better one! The Sound of Orange Rockcorps

Milo the creepy human tamaguchi

There's some seriously cool technology in Project Natal but I can't help feeling totally creeped out by the boy in Lionhead.