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QuickSilverScreen lets you watch movies in your browser

Wow, this is really cool. Quick Silver Screen has a large archive of user uploaded films, most of them full feature movies that are free for you to watch.  The picture quality is superb. This is the best use of stage9 DivX player I've seen so far. I'm sure we'll see more of these things in the future as Flash Player upgrades it's video support to H.264.

quicksilver screen

Wondering how long this will stay online though. I'm sure there are a few people out there who wants to spoil our fun. 

Is Steve Jobs getting inspiration from 80's films?

As I was watching the good old Back to the Future II last night, I thought I saw something familiar. This time it wasn't the hover board or the Nike shoes  that caught  my attention. It was Doc's iPhone à la 2015.

future iphone

So maybe in following revisions of the phone, we can expect a new camera with face recognition, distance meter and positioning system. ;-)

future iphone face rec