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Gesture based UI

I'm usually quite a sceptic when it comes to these things, but this actually doesn't look too bad.

It's time for a good old book burning ceremony

We're having a clear out of some old programming book at work. A part of me feels a little weird about throwing away books, it's sort of something you just keep, forever. But don't worry, we're getting some brand shiny new web3.0 books to fill the holes in the bookshelf. ;)

Here's an excerpt from Spainhour & Quercia's Webmaster in a Nutshell (First Edition 1996):

This is a book that needs no introduction. By this time, if you don't know what the World Wide Web is, then you probably haven't heard of Rollerblades, VCRs, or Boris Yeltsin either.

programming books

How I sit

I've got a fairly good chair still this guy on the left is definitly me. I'm painfully aware that this is not very good for my back but for some reason I can't avoid looking like a cashew nut in front of my computer.

how i sit

Google Developer Talks at Wembly London 2008

So today was the Developer Day at Wembly Arean. There was a few good talks, but nothing really ground breaking. I kind of hoped they would talk a little more about innovation and where google is going the future with their services like Gears and App Engine. Instead it was pretty much demonstrations of how the google products work and how we can use them. Basically stuff we already know. Maybe I had my expectations set a little high but all in all, it was a very good day.

I regret I missed Dion Almaer's talk on AJAX. Highlights though were Kevin Marks talking about open social and viral vs organic growth.

If you behave like a disease, people will develop a imune system.

The Javascript APIs for geolocation information via Gears is also very interesting. I can't wait for this stuff to properly come to the mobile devices! Btw we were demoed a handset running Android, which kind of left me wanting to go buy the Iphone.

A bonus. The angry green man USB stick freebee.

Google USB stick

Unauthorized resizing of windows strictly prohibited

I can't believe I didn't know this before. With Firefox you can stop javascripts from resizing your web browser window. Download squad writes:

Click Edit, then Preferences
Select the Content tab
To the right of Enable Javascript click Advanced
Uncheck the box next to Move or Resize Existing Windows

Thank you!

Six geeky podcasts

I never really saw the point of podcasts up until very recently. I kind of saw them as always outdated amateur radio shows. But I've actually started listening to a few now and I quite like it. So here's some of the geeky stuff I've got on my iPod.

Audible Ajax

Lots of web talk and trends. From the guys at ajaxian.com.

Jeff and Casey

Two game developers that talk about musicals, cars, microsoft and internet porn. It's funny and silly.

Pragmatic Podcast

Software development from Pragmatic Programmers with lots of interviews.


Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky creates a programming community and talks about it and lots of other things.

Software Engineering Radio

Pretty hard core computer sciency stuff.


Brilliant and random talks about technology, entertainment and design.

Leopard's Spotlight Problem

Since the past month I've been using the new, and for many people troublesome Apple OS X 10.5 Leopard. Besides having some annoyances with Spaces, I main concern has been Spotlight. It simply does not work. It didn't seem to index anything on my machine. I did check the privacy settings and nothing seemed wrong.

Today I stumbled on a little commandline tool called mdutil which is a utility to manage Spotlight indexes. So if you've got the same problem, you might want to try what I did. Open a Terminal window and type:

sudo mdutil -v -i on /

Immidiatly I heard the lovely sound of my harddrive chewing on as it got indexed. Sweet!

Looking for a new brilliant job in the field of digital?

Eleanor Roome is a girl that not long ago started her own recruitment agency specializing mainly on the digital market in London. And no, she is not like the usual blood sucking money hungry evil recruitment agent you're used to. She's quite the opposite. And if you're looking for work or employees that specialises in the digital market then look no further.

Me and Cookie just made her a new website for her company.
If you're still reading this you might want to follow the Roome Twitter updates aswell just to stay on top and ahead of the game.