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Down for everyone or just me bookmarklet

Have you ever been annoyed that you can't reach a website and you're wondering if the problem is at your end or if the website is actually down? Well I have, and so has the people at downforeveryoneorjustme.com. On their website you can check if the site is down for other people too.

I thought it was a really cool, simple idea, but I figured it would be even better if you didn't have to copy URL, got to downforeveryoneorjustme.com paste it back in and then hit submit, so I made a little bookmarklet to do the job instantly for you.

Bookmarklet: Down for everyone?

Drag the above link to your toolbar to create a bookmarklet out of it. Should be working for Firefox and Safari.

Firefox 3 Beta 1 takes care of bug in Leopard Spaces

I recently installed OS X Leopard on my machine and one feature that I particularly liked was the Spaces utility. It allows for multiple virtual desktops that you can switch between.

However, when I've been switching between spaces using Command+Tab from lets say Textmate to Firefox, to see my websites development, Firefox has lost focus. So would have to manually click on the window with my mouse each time I wanted to refresh the page. Very utterly annoying. Until today, when I installed Firefox 3 Beta 1 which not only comes with a nice smoother look, but also with this focus bug wiped out. yay!

Too bad Beta 1 doesn't support my Firebug plug-in, doh!

Update: Firebug for Firefox 3 Beta 1.