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Naughty or Nice, the aftermath

Gav has documented some of the verdicts that santa has brought onto naughty and nice members of the poke office. Including this very strange portrait of me.

You are so very nice, and so very pretty. You win a free photshop beauty portrait. Go and sit for your portrait with Jason. - Santa

Uncanny picture of me

I feel a little weird every time I see it. Thanks Jason and Will!

Check out the rest of them at Death to the Flippers.

Fresh tweets straight out of the oven

Yesterday we installed Bakertweet at Albion right across the road from work.

It's a little Twitter box hanging off the wall telling followers when fresh bread is coming out of the oven!

bakertweet demo

@aszolty did a great job with the arduino that talks to our bakertweet website, that in turn syncs the freshly baked croissants to twitter.


If you like your buns hot, and are stationed around Shoreditch, go to Twitter and follow @albionsoven.