5 tablet concept videos

It looks like the tablet is here now, and the people we have to thank are the talented UX, UI designers who are inventing great new ways to interact with the devices. Here's a collection of concept videos from a few different companies.

Mag+ (Bonnier)

WIRED and Adobe

Microsoft Courier

Sports Illustrated, Time inc

iPad, Apple

Square lets you charge credit cards with your iPhone

Square is a new company founded by Jack Dorsey. Their product is a small card reader that mounts onto your iPhones headphone jack and together with the accompanying app it let's you charge credit cards with your mobile handset.

Square credit card reader

Along with services like Zopa, Obopay, M-Pesa and Mint Square is a nice addition to the type of services we need to kick some new life into the stuffy world of banking.

They've done a nice video to show off the product, please take a look.

Square website

Get things done with Siri

Siri is what its founders call a "do engine" as opposed to a search engine. It's a very nifty phone app that lets you speak commands like "get me a table for 2 at a french restaurant that serves scollops tomorrow at eight." and Siri will do just that in a matter of seconds.

Skip till 22.40 for a demo.

This is a great way of using exiting APIs out in the wild and mash them up to do something truly usable for its users.

Naughty or Nice, the aftermath

Gav has documented some of the verdicts that santa has brought onto naughty and nice members of the poke office. Including this very strange portrait of me.

You are so very nice, and so very pretty. You win a free photshop beauty portrait. Go and sit for your portrait with Jason. - Santa

Uncanny picture of me

I feel a little weird every time I see it. Thanks Jason and Will!

Check out the rest of them at Death to the Flippers.

Have you been Naughty or Nice?

It has now turned into a tradition that Stuff club makes some sort of christmas project. Last year we made Formula wonderland a snowy scalextric fairy land. This year, we built a giant "Santa lap" that you sit in and you get told whether you've been Naughty or Nice. The whole thing gets recorded and posted naughtyornice.tumblr.com.

naughty or nice collage

Other makers involved were Gavin and Jason Fox, Badger, Martin Rose and Tracy Tsang.

Badger on Santas lap

Photo by katie's flickr

Virgin racing F1 Site Launched

This week Poke launched virginracing.com, which is a beginning of the online experience for the new Virgin formula 1 team.

Richard Branson Viginracing

Timo Glock

Virgin Partner

NASA image of the day for your OSX Desktop

A few weeks ago @screechin showed me some photos from NASAs Image of the day gallery. There's some stunning photography in that gallery, so I figured they'd looks nice as a desktop background.

Here's a simple python script that pulls down the latest image and puts it on your osx desktop.

Atlantis NASA

NASA shuttle


NASA Ice from above

We're in the december 2009 issue of Wired UK!

Bakertweet was featured in Wired's guide to the UK Twitterati

WiredUK Twitterati

Having been one of my favorite magazines for a long time, it's so much fun to be in it! Here's the whole Twitterati line up.